Thai Eggplant and Red Pepper Stir Fry

This year I planted what I thought was an eggplant and only saw these small round green vegetables growing.  I kept waiting for them to turn purple like any respectable eggplant does, but they never did.  The other day I researched these adorable green balls and discovered they are Thai Eggplants.  The write up said they are very sweet and delicious so I whipped up this quick stir fry and served it over rice.  I am totally in love with this vegetable and wanted to share it with you. Of course, preparation is minimal and the resulting dish is high in vitamins, low in calories and great of flavor.  If you make the dish and customize it to suit your tastes, be sure to share your variation.   The moral of this story is “don’t be afraid to pick up and experiment with a new vegetable you discover at the farmer’s market, at your grocery store, or even in your own garden.”

East Indian Chicken Curry Soup

As soon as Fall arrives, we know it's time for our East Indian Chicken Curry Soup. If you love curry, you will love this recipe. The flavors merge in such a magical way, it's hard to isolate exactly what the key ingredients are. With this recipe, we reveal our secret to another easy-to-make, hearty, flavorful soup you just can't get enough of. This soup is delicious with homemade (or store bought) Naan or crusty bread. The recipe makes a good size batch, so feel free to freeze your leftovers or just eat this great soup throughout the week - you won't grow tired of it! It just keeps getting better.

Tomato Turkey Meatball Soup from La Cucina Marinello

This soup is one that Joan (Linda's sister) learned from her friend Jeannie Carr, another fantastic cook in her own right.  Jeannie invited Joan over for lunch one afternoon and served this soap with a simple green salad and crusty bread.  Joan was hooked and has been making it on a regular basis every since.  The soup is much like Grandma’s Meatball Soup but differs with the addition of tomatoes, making this a tomato based soup.  It is perfect for a meal by itself or a starter.  This soup is also great leftover.  Joan usually makes a big batch and uses it all week long.

Cauliflower Rice with Zucchini and Red Bell Pepper

This yummy cauliflower dish adds another healthy choice for your family table. Turn a head of cauliflower into a fluffy vegetable rice and then saute with your favorite vegetable and Parmesan to create a flavorful side dish or serve as the main dish if you please. Here are the basics. You can add in other ingredients from here to make your own unique Cauliflower Rice combination dish.

Homemade Ricotta Gnocchi Like Nonna Used to Make

I loved to make these soft doughy pastas with my mom. We made hundreds of them at a time rolling each individually off a floured fork. Sometimes she used a gnocchi machine to make them but I always preferred creating each pasta bundle one at a time. Try making these tasty morsels with your kids or friends and watch them fly off the platter covered with your favorite sauce!

Italiana Popcorn

A bowl of popcorn is always a fun snack. This Italian seasoned popcorn dish is a great addition to your appetizer spread. It has a hint of lemon along with Italian herbs. Make a bowl and surprise your guests. They will be sure to ask how you made it and you don't have to tell them it only took 15 minutes.