Creamy Tuna Dip

We are always looking for delicious and unique appetizers to serve as guests arrive and start to enjoy time together before the dinner or lunch is served.  Here is one that you will repeat over and over again.  You can make it with crab or tuna.  We prefer tuna!  Make ahead and store in refrigerator for up to 5 days in advance.  Warm and serve just as your guests arrive.  Can be served room temperature as well.  Serve with pita bread, crostini, chips or crackers.


Italiana Popcorn

A bowl of popcorn is always a fun snack. This Italian seasoned popcorn dish is a great addition to your appetizer spread. It has a hint of lemon along with Italian herbs. Make a bowl and surprise your guests. They will be sure to ask how you made it and you don't have to tell them it only took 15 minutes.