Minestrone Vegetable Soup

This is not the minestrone you may have had before. This is a thick, rich soup with a pureed bean base. The secret is in processing the beans into a paste which is built upon with chicken or vegetable broth and a collection of vegetables and spices. Our families can't get enough of this soup. It becomes a meal when meat and pasta are added. Your children will be eating vegetables you never thought they would eat when you serve them this soup! This recipe is one of the amazing soup recipes in La Cucina Marinello cookbook which you can purchase on our website at www.twofriendsinakitchen.com.

East Indian Chicken Curry Soup

As soon as Fall arrives, we know it's time for our East Indian Chicken Curry Soup. If you love curry, you will love this recipe. The flavors merge in such a magical way, it's hard to isolate exactly what the key ingredients are. With this recipe, we reveal our secret to another easy-to-make, hearty, flavorful soup you just can't get enough of. This soup is delicious with homemade (or store bought) Naan or crusty bread. The recipe makes a good size batch, so feel free to freeze your leftovers or just eat this great soup throughout the week - you won't grow tired of it! It just keeps getting better.

Tomato Turkey Meatball Soup from La Cucina Marinello

This soup is one that Joan (Linda's sister) learned from her friend Jeannie Carr, another fantastic cook in her own right.  Jeannie invited Joan over for lunch one afternoon and served this soap with a simple green salad and crusty bread.  Joan was hooked and has been making it on a regular basis every since.  The soup is much like Grandma’s Meatball Soup but differs with the addition of tomatoes, making this a tomato based soup.  It is perfect for a meal by itself or a starter.  This soup is also great leftover.  Joan usually makes a big batch and uses it all week long.

Cauliflower Cheese Soup

This creamy soup is not only delicious and nutritious. Our Cauliflower Cheese Soup is a great main course for your family served with crusty garlic bread or grilled cheese sandwich and salad. Although we are making this soup vegetarian style, feel free to add some browned sausage or bacon to boost the protein factor!