Gluten Free: Sweet Valentine’s Day Macaroons

If you are looking for a special treat for your Valentine’s Day dinner or weekend celebration, we have a cookie that will make your honey smile and then savor every bite of this coconut-rich, gluten free, sweet treat! ¬†We are showing the gluten free version of the recipe, but you may substitute white flour if you wish. ¬†Either way this is a shockingly easy cookie you will make over and over again with the variations we have provided!

Lemon Cake

We love this recipe as it can be a single layer, two layer, or small cakes baked in molds shaped in a heart or star. The secret is the zest of the lemon which gives it a true lemony flavor and the yogurt that keeps it moist and allows it to be frozen and still seem fresh when taken out of the freezer and served. We love to pop these from the freezer to the table and impress our guests with our refreshing and light dessert. Super easy too!