Pawleys Baked Poached Eggs with Basil and Cheese

On a visit to Pawleys Island in South Carolina, I was served this incredible egg dish by our friends Mark and Ginny.  I watched as Mark filled an individual ramekin with cream cheese, a cracked egg, basil and cheddar cheese. I was fascinated with how he then poured boiling water into a roasting pan, placed the individual ramekins into the water and baked the eggs to a delicious mixture of tastes and textures.  This is my new favorite egg dish! Served in a ramekin or a small mason jar, this breakfast will surprise your guests. Toast served on the side will help with soaking up the egg yolk and cheesy sauce.  Get ready for a morning burst of fun and surprise your family and friends like I was!  The recipe has been adapted from a friend of Mark’s, Jennifer, who found it in a 1969 edition of Sunset Magazine.  It is further adapted here by Two Friends in a Kitchen.

Zucchini Pancakes

Introducing healthy foods at an early age is the secret to instilling good eating habits in our kids. Nothing makes that task easier or more tasty than a warm homemade pancake filled with delicious vegetables smothered with aromas and flavors such as vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon or orange juice. Maia, Linda’s granddaughter, loves to work with her to whip up these tasty treats for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Her preference is to have them in shapes of hearts and bears using pancake molds Linda bought at a local kitchen store. Zucchini is Maia’s favorite but carrot and lemon are a close second choice. After you are familiar with the recipe, you can change it up however you and your little ones prefer.