Magical Foodlore Moments: Lemon Cake

Magical Foodlore Moments:  Lemon Cake   We’re always thinking up easy, fun recipes, but they also have to be super delicious!  This week’s favorite is our Lemon Yogurt Cake.  It is so lemony yummy and easy to make.  The greatest thing about our Lemon Yogurt  Cake recipe is you can make a round cake, a square
cake or you can use cute little molds and make 50 or more little heart or star shaped cakes.  This one is great for Valentine’s day or the Fourth of July.  You can offer your family and friends a hefty slice of cake or a bit size morsel of deliciousness!  Thimg_49661e recipe can be found at:

I spent a couple of hours on a Saturday recently making little bite-size, heart shaped “cakes.”  By the time I was done, I had made almost 90 little hearts.  However, I doubled the recipe in preparation for a big event that Linda and I were hosting for our closest family and friends.  I digress for a moment to fill you in on this amazing debut party!

The event was to celebrate the official launching of our first-in-a-series children’s books, which of course centers around cooking and having fun in the kitchen.  This first book, Someone’s Making Pancakes with Grandma was inspired by Linda’s granddaughter Maia, who loves to cook cooking-with-grandma-coverwith Linda!  Maia and her little sister Harper love making and eating our delicious zucchini and carrot pancakes.

At the event, our guests also had a sneak peak at our cooking classes by making homemade gnocchi and two fabulous no cook sauces (Ricotta and Red Pepper sauce and  Linda’s best-in-the-world pesto sauce.   They shopped in our store where they not only found great products, but great bargains as well.  Check out our website and go to the Store tab to purchase our wonderful  products:

We ended the celebration with dessert which of course was  our lemon, yogurt cakes, in the shape of little hearts.  Our way to say “Thank You” to the special people in our lives.  I pulled them from the freezer, put a little dollop of lemon frosting on them, arranged them on a gorgeous platter and had dessert for 50 ready in a flash – doesn’t get any easier than that!

A Tip for our Lemon Yogurt Cake:
These cakes are fabulous without any extras, but we encourage you to try them with slices of raspberries.  As you finish making the batter, just fold in your raspberry slices for a tasty little surprise.  Add a dollop of lemon frosting (yes, you can use canned frosting) on top of each heart an extra, extra little treat.

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