Magical Foodlore Moments: A Grandmother and her Granddaughter

Magical Foodlore Moments:  A Grandmother and her Granddaughter


Linda has been cooking with her Granddaughter Maia, since she was about 8 months old.  Maia’s love of being in the kitchen inspired our first-in-a-series children’s book Someone’s Making Pancakes with Grandma.  The book is about a child having fun cooking in the kitchen with her grandmother.

At Two Friends in a Kitchen, we believe that special memories and favorite stories (we call them Magical Foodlore Moments) are created as people cook and prepare meals together.  When you are in the kitchen, there is time for chopping, mincing, dicing, mixing, blending, and grating in addition to creating and tasting.  And, there is also time for fun, laughter, serious conversations, problem solving, creative thinking, life lessons, and so much more.  Those Magical Foodlore Moments are the kind of memories and moments that last a lifetime!

cooking-grandma-300x300Our book Someone’s Making Pancakes with Grandma is all about creating special moments in the kitchen.  The book tells the story of a special time between a granddaughter and her grandmother as they make healthy pancakes together.  The book includes our famous pancake recipe and a word list that can be used to help teach early reading skills.  Our book can be a favorite bedtime read aloud, a young child’s early reader, or an inspiration to try cooking up something special in the kitchen with a child you love, so you too, can create your own Magical Foodlore Moments!

book-gift-setOur book can be purchased from our webstore at along with many of our favorite kitchen items.  It can also be purchased at Our book gift sets are available exclusively at our webstore (shipping is free for orders over $25).

If you have a Magical Foodlore Moment to share with us, we’d love to hear from you.  Write to us at to share your Magical Foodlore Moment or photo as so many others have.  We love hearing from our followers!

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