Halloween and Chili – a Great Combination!

chilidishsettingBring on the Chili!

There will be ghosts, goblins, witches, glowing pumpkins and little children dressed in adorable (or scary) costumes for Halloween! This year in California, there will likely be rain as well on Halloween night.  But that doesn’t stop us; in fact, we love the rain!  We now have a great reason to bring out our “Three Bean Chili” recipe.  This one, like so many others, is a neighborhood favorite.

Just follow our simple recipe and you will have the best chili EVER!  Whether it’s your children or your grandchildren going out for Halloween, or you invite some neighbors over for a bowl of chili before you all set out for Trick or Treating, this chili is sure to delight.  Our Three Bean Chili is a meal in itself or you can serve with garlic bread or over a bed of rice.  If your Halloween night is a quiet one, no worries,  leftovers freeze great for up to six months.

Happy Halloween and Happy Trick or Treating!

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